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PARENTS! This is NOT the place to register your child for activities. Please use the CONTACTS tab to get in touch with the Group Commissioner.----- TO READ THE FULL COOKIES AND PRIVACY PAGE use the "Privacy Policy" just below the text you are now reading.---- PARENTS & LEADERS: Because we store very little personal information on this website we cannot contact you in case of changes to the policy so you will need to check back occasionally if you wish to register for any potential future services on this website. Click on the little "cookie" icon to read the current policy..------- LEADERS: By registering / signing up for an account on this website you agree to the terms of the Cookies and Privacy policy. We do our best to keep privacy and security foremost and risk at a minimum. Please read the policy for details and contact if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that registration is ONLY OPEN TO SPECIFIC LEADERS IN 1ST LEXINGTON GROUP who need to add or change content on the website. It may take a day or more to get your registration approved by the group commissioner or other authorized leader.



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