If you are a parent  trying to register your child(ren) for Scouting programs, this is NOT the place for that and if you proceed, your registration will authomatically be halted by the system. Please Use the Contacts tab above to get in touch with the Group Commissioner.

Cookies are little bits of code that a website leaves in your browser. This website uses cookies for these purposes:
1- To "authenticate" registered leaders so they may log in to view leader related information and/or - if they are authorized to do this - to add or edit website information. Tyically that would be a sections (Beavers, Cubs or Scouts) calendar events information. This is critical to prevent unauthorized users from affecting what appears on the website. Those cookies do not apply to casual viewers or parents.  Only leaders who need access to the website can be authenticated.

2- Google analytics may be used to provide certain information to the technical webmaster who may occasionally share the statistics with various Leaders. Generally those statistics give a snapshot of where website vistors originated; typically it reveals a country and sometimes a city but cannot identify a particular "visitor" or street within a city. Also revealed may be the type of browser and sometimes the resolution of the screen used to view the website. This information is used to see if we seem to be reaching our own community or not, and to help the webmasters create content and applications to suit the users' devices.

Virtually all of the following information applies to leaders who have been registered on the website in order to give them access to calendars and other information. If you are a parent reading this, feel free to proceed and try not to be too bored.

Privacy is kept to a maximum by keeping the amount of personal information on this website to a minimum and only requiring it of a few leaders. Only leaders who are registered need to provide any personal information and it is deliberately kept to the least possible. Real Name, user name, email address. Some leaders may elect to also provide a phone number if they happen to be in the Contacts. No financial information, street address or any other personal information is kept in this website's database.

Where is this data stored? On Canadian web servers located in Montreal (and not subject to the American Patriot Act, as a matter of principle, but subject to Canadian privacy law of course), and on backups located on a local  computer and/or external local hard drives. These drives are disconnected from the internet except when they need to be accessed to retrieve backups. When you delete your account (for instance, you are a leader who is not returning for the next year), your information is deleted immediately form the web host in Montreal. That data still exists on local hard drives which typically are deleted within 6-8 weeks after the latest backup is taken.

Security:  It is a nasty fact that if giant corporations with full time IT security people can get their website hacked, there is potential for it to happen on this website run by two volunteers.  It's a nasty fact of life, so we do our best to keep out the bad guys and, by minimizing information, minimize risk. Security updates of all software running the website are done as soon as posssible, typically within 12 hours of notice, seldom in excess of 72 hours. If you were to ever get an email asking for any personal information whatsoever, allegedly, from this website, Delete it- or forward it to scoutwebmaster@ firstlexington.org so he is aware of it. Then delete it. No financial information is ever requested or stored here. Even leaders registering will be blocked from the website until one of the Webmasters has received an email and/or a phone call from the Group Commissioner, authorizing it. 

Website support: If a parent or a leader requires content to be added or deleted, please contact Scouter Nicholas.  If you have technical trouble with the website or request a feature, please contact Derek Madge  Please also note the information in the "Miscellaneous Information" at the bottom on that contact page.