Click on the Events  tab in the top menu for your child's section, for instance, SCOUTS EVENTS. Or , if you are on the home page, just click the TITLE section near the top with the Scouts Canada badge.

You will see "Upcoming Events" and a date  and TITLE of any future events.

Under the title you will see a short description of the event: Click on the TITLE of that event to see the detailed view. This may range from minimal to wide ranging information, and might have a button with which you can register your child for a camp or other event.

Add to your own electronic calendar!  Or print it out. You can add a single event (sorry, only one at a time) to your electronic calendar.

Once you are in the detailed view, on the right side, opposite the event's title, there is a small Printer icon as well as a "calendar" icon. HOVER over the calendar and select the type of calendar you use (5 common types are listed) . The way to add will vary with your calendar but all are easy and quick.

REGISTER your child for an event.

Typically this would be for a camp. If there is electronic registration available for that event there will be a green button in the upper right corner of the specific event's detailed view. it will usually say something like "Register for this event".  Click it and fill out the form; some fields are required. Agree to the terms after reading them, click the "reCAPTCHA square" and hit register. If you do not agree with the terms or just wish to cancel the form, click Cancel.